Expert instruction from Tahoe Captain

Learn from experienced boaters. Specializing in new boaters, water sports lessons, and woman to woman driving instruction.

Improve your boat knowledge while learning to operate your vessel with confidence from our experienced instructors.

Learn to Wake Surf

Excited to try a new water sport? Learn to wake surf this summer! Wake surfing is surprising easy to learn thanks to our expert instructors. This sport is slow moving which means low consequnce when you fall.  Find out why everyone is getting hooked on wake surfing!

Female instruction for female drivers

If you’re a woman looking to gain confidence behind the wheel this summer, hire one of our female captains to take you out for a driving lessons.  Learn to pull water sports, work on docking, or discover the best bars to take your friends.  Receive patient feedback while improving your boat handling skills.

New Boat Owners

If you recently purchased a boat and you need help with the basics, our captains are egar to assist!  We will teach you docking, navigation, marina locations, safety, weather patterns, lake hazards, and show you some of the best spots on the lake.  Sign up for a new boat owner package and master your vessel.
Looking for extraordinary? Hire a mixologist for craft boat cocktails!

Summer 2018 Captain Packages and Prices

New Boater Lessons

The complete overview of how to safely operate your vessel on Lake Tahoe.  Including docking, marinas, fueling, anchoring, boater etiquette, lake dangers, buoy use, safety equipment, and general maintenance. Plus, we will show you some great beaches, bars and restaurants while teaching you how to safely navigate heavily trafficked areas.

5 hours

Driving Lessons

A.K.A. “The Marriage Saver”!  Professional boat operating and driving instructions with an emphasis on docking, fueling, marina navigation, and water sports pulls, if desired.  This package is ideal for women who want to learn to drive from a female captain.  Gain confidence, while receiving patient, constructive feedback.

3 hours

Watersports Lessons

Perfect for those interested in learning a new water sport, receiving a perfect pull, or brushing up on skills.  Get your wake dialed and learn to wake surf, or learn how to drive waterskiers.  Captains instruct, demonstrate and provide perfect pulls.  Specially tailored instruction for individuals of all ages and abilities. Book in the AM for the best water!

4 hours

Lake Tahoe Tours

Ideal for boaters intersted in learning more about Lake Tahoe’s history, iconic properties, and hidden beaches.  Learn how to safely navigate dangerous passageways, find the best places to anchor, and learn where to go when the winds pick up.  This package is ideal for those new to Lake Tahoe and intersted in receiving local insight.  Can include water sports and new driver lessons.

5 hours

All-Day On Call Captain

Your very own captain for the entire day to do whatever you want.  Tours, lessons, designated driver, schoufer, you choose how long you want to spend on the water.  No time restraints, you have all day to do whatever you want.  Best for groups, parties, and those who desire flexibility.  Water ski in the morning, visit private beaches in the afternoon, grab happy hour in the evening, your captain is at your beckon call from sunrise to sunset.

Sunrise – sunset

Hourly Captain

Don’t see a package that fits your needs, no problem, hire an hourly captain.  Minimum 2 hours is required and additional hours can be added based on captain’s availability.  Ideal for boaters in need of specific assistance.

Minimum 2 hours

Afternoon Sailing Lessons

Tahoe’s winds typically pick up in the afternoon, making this the perfect time to catch some wind with Captain Erin!  Erin is a proficient sailer and patient instructor egar to make you a master captain.

3 hours


Captain & Mixologist Packages & Prices

Afternoon Captain and Mixologist

Afternoon celebration cruise with a designated driver.  Avoid BUI’s, visit the best beaches, and enjoy personal libations crafted by your on board mixologist.

4 hours

All-Day On Call Captain & Mixologist

The exclusive package for enthuiastic boaters looking for a truly unique experience.  Our captain and mixologist take over your vessel and turn it into a luxurious floating cocktail bar.  Set up a private cabana for beachfont libations, tour Emerald Bay and enjoy tea in the teahouse, cheers as you watch the sunset over the Sierras.  We are here to provide a service that nobody else on the lake offers.

Surise to Sunset