Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you answer some of your questions!  Contact us if you need additional information.

Do you rent boats?

We do not rent boats or provide water sport equipment.  We captain YOUR vessel and only operate boats with proper insurance and registration.

What does a captain do?

We are in charge of ensuring the vessel and its crew remain safe during our time on the water.  In addition a captain provides local knowledge, instruction (when wanted) and facilitates the fun so you can relax and enjoy a worry-free day on the water.

Why should I add a personal mixologist?

We have assembled some of the best bartenders in Lake Tahoe to make personal beverages aboard your vessel.  With a mixologist you get fresh, artfully crafted beverages without having to dismebark.  Enjoy an experience unlike any other with your own highly trained mixologist.

How long do I get the captain for?

That all depends on how much time you book your captain and mixologist for.  There is a minimum 2 hours required for all bookings.  For ultimate flexibility we recommend choosing the All-Day package.

Are your captains qualified to drive my boat?

Our captains are US Coast Guard certified with thousands of hours of logged experience.  We are familiar with boats of all sizes and have extensive knowledge when it comes to operating various vessels.

Where do I meet my captain?

This is totally your call, our captains are flexible and willing to come to you.  We can meet at your house, a marina, even grab your boat from a buoy….you let us know and we will make it happen.  We are not insured for pulling boats with a car in and out of the water, but we can drive the boat while you operate the trailer.

Where do we go?

You choose where and what you want to do with your captain/mixologist and we will do our very best to accommodate.  Our captains will make the most out of your time on the water, we work hard to ensure you enjoy your day.

What happens if the weather is bad?

In the event of bad weather and unsafe boating conditions your trip may be cancelled or postponed.  Your captain will do everything in their power to reschedule, for more information read our cancellation and refund policy.

Can we go to bars/restaurants?

Absolutely!  The best part about hiring a captain is not having to worry about parking.  We drop you off at the dock and watch over your vessel until your ready to be picked up.  VIP boat valet service.

Do the mixologists supply alcohol?

We do not supply the alcohol, but we take care of everything else.  You bring your favorite spirits, and we turn them into amazing beverages.